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Real Health Conversations (Formerly Low-Carb Conversations) is hosted by Holly Jean Mullen, FNTP and features a variety of voices in the world of modern nutrition and health science, expressing many different points of view.

Type 1 diabetic and low-carb Paleo food company founder Katie Coleman and medical pathologist and low-carb Paleo diet blogger Dr. Jim Small, MD, PhD join our hosts Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie today in Episode 128 of "Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore, Dietitian Cassie & Friends!"


It's another great Friday here at "Low-Carb Conversations" and we are always appreciative of the great feedback we receive from you our listeners about this show. We try really hard to keep it fun, lighthearted, and yet educational so that you can be ready to respond to all those latest health headlines that your coworkers, friends, and family members start talking to you about. While we don't pretend to have all the answers about what to think about the headlines that bombard us on a daily basis, what we do have is educated opinions filtered through the prism of a real foods-based low-carb, primal, Paleo lifestyle. Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie are fully committed to inviting on guest friends who can articulate the thoughts and ideas about these health headlines that you just won't hear about anywhere else. It's comforting to know you're not alone in your health journey and we're here to provide you with the inspiration and encouragement you want and need to be successful in this great adventure. Do you like what we're doing here on this listener-supported podcast? Then CLICK HERE and make a donation of any amount that will help us keep these shows coming to you week after week. You are all so greatly appreciated. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Controversial Ingredient To Be Removed From Silk Beverages

In today's episode, our co-hosts Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie welcome two extraordinary guest friends to help them opine on the health headlines today, including a Type 1 diabetics who uses a real foods-based ketogenic Paleo nutritional approach to control her disease named Katie Coleman from the "Keep It Real Food Co." and Dr. Jim Small from "The PaleoPathologist" who is a medical pathologist and a former professor who discovered the personal health benefits that come from of a low-carb Paleo lifestyle change. At the beginning of today's episode, Jimmy asked Cassie to explain what she means by her "PFC Balanced" philosophy in response to quite a few concerned e-mails he has received from listeners who were confused about how that fits within a low-carb or Paleo diet. During today's episode, we also shared about Cassie's new video series which you can see a sample of below:


Update on the PFC Club!

Listen in to hear Jimmy, Cassie, Katie and Dr. Jim talk about the Silk Beverage company making the decision to remove the carrageenan from their products after consumers demanded it, the implications of that 15-ton "fatberg" that was removed from the London sewer recently, the wisdom of the marketing strategy being used by Olive Garden promoting 7 weeks of unlimited pasta for $100, the impact of consuming Ramen noodles on heart disease, diabetes, and stroke risk, the foolish decision by Eggland's Best to lower the fat and calories in their eggs by feeding the chickens a vegetarian diet, why school lunches in France are far superior to the ones provided to American kids, and an innovative new treatment modality one hospital is using feeding their patients real food grown from a garden on the hospital property. And don't miss Katie's Cauliflower Mac & Cheese as well as Dr. Jim's Breakfast Frittata and cast iron skillet cleaning tip at the end of the show. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let's talk about it!


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Dietitian Cassie's "PFC Club"
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Katie Coleman from the "Keep It Real Food Co."
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Dr. Jim Small from "The PaleoPathologist"
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- SECRET HEADLINE: Controversial Ingredient To Be Removed From Silk Beverages
15-ton ball of fat removed from London sewer
Olive Garden: $100 for 7 weeks of pasta
Can instant noodles lead to heart disease, diabetes and stroke?
Eggland's Best Eggs Reveals Lower Calorie Count: One Large Eggland’s Best Egg Contains Just 60 Calories
What French Kids Eat For School Lunch (It Puts Americans To Shame!)
You won’t Believe what this Hospital is Using as Medicine
- RECIPE: Dr. Jim's Breakfast Frittata
- RECOMMENDATION: Dr. Jim's Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner

Katie's Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
1 head cauliflower
1/4 cup butter
1 cup shredded cheese (I used a half a bag of trader joes shredded 3-cheese)
Handful of shredded Parmesan
1/4 cup whipped cream cheese
Cayenne pepper, salt+ pepper to taste
Finely chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Chop cauliflower into noodle sized pieces. Microwave cauliflower (covered in plastic wrap) for 6 minutes. Add butter, shredded cheese, Parmesan, cream cheese, cayenne, salt and pepper and mix together. Top with walnuts (plus extra shredded cheese and Parmesan). Place in oven for 10 minutes.

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