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Real Health Conversations (Formerly Low-Carb Conversations) is hosted by Holly Jean Mullen, FNTP and features a variety of voices in the world of modern nutrition and health science, expressing many different points of view.

Exercise physiologist/exercise scientist, lecturer and nutritionist, Naomi Feresta is joined by star of the Australian film "Fat Chance" Warren Hepworth, for Episode 227 of “Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson and Kara Halderman” 

Sit back and relax with a HUGE tablespoon of coconut oil to this new episode where co-hosts Leah and Kara chat with health and nutrition experts on the latest health headlines!

Coconut oil isn't healthy & it never has been


Cereal could be over with declining sales forcing companies to think of new products

On this week’s episode we talk with Naomi Feresta, who when she found out she was having twins at an older age researched as much as she could about how to main health and discussed fat was the key.  We also talk to Warren Hepworth who cycled from Perth, Australia to Melbourne, Australia on a low carb healthy fat lifestyle and documented it all in his movie Fat Chance.

Naomi, Warren, Kara and Leah discuss the great coconut oil health debate and how snackification is becoming tastier for breakfast than cereal.  But wait the secret headline is bananas!


Links Used:

Support Fat Chance:

Some of the resources on heart disease:

Dr Natasha Campbell McBride's Book "Put your Heart in your Mouth":

Dr Jeffery Gerber:

Dr Aseem Malhotra:

Ivor Cummins:

See some great talks at the Low Carb Down Under You Tube page:

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