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Kale Brock,  Film Maker and Mark Ritz,  creator of joins Leah this week for Episode 243 of “Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson and Kara Halderman”.

Sit back, relax and listen with your daily probiotic while Leah and Kara talk with health experts on the latest health headlines!

How Probiotics Can Change Your Child's Life



Can We Trust Organic Food Imported From Other Countries?



This week on Low Carb Conversations Kara is away so Leah chats with Kale Brock.  He shares all about his new film - The Gut Movie which is a stunning documentary all about the human gut microbiome. Kale shares some insight as to what is in the film and the fun they had filming.  Our second guest is Mark Ritz from which is a site that gives amazing deals on top quality food items. It’s also a resource to learn more about small companies that are putting out healthy food products that are reviewed by a team of health experts. He shares some of his current clients and the research and testing of the product to make sure it is of the highest quality for you.

Kale, Mark and Leah discuss probiotics and since they are a "buzz" word at the moment so do they really live up to what the hype is about?  They then discuss the second article which is all about the organic trade business in the US.  Can we really trust the organic labelling from other countries?

Don't forget our secret health headline. Would you eat tattooed fruit?


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