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Real Health Conversations (Formerly Low-Carb Conversations) is hosted by Holly Jean Mullen, FNTP and features a variety of voices in the world of modern nutrition and health science, expressing many different points of view.

This week on Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson NTP and Guests, Leah is in Herndon, USA with Jimmy and Christine Moore.

Sit back and relax this week as Leah, Jimmy and Christine chat live together from the Herndon, USA Nutritional Therapy Association classroom.  Leah is Associate Instructor for the Herndon 2019 class and Christine Moore has come back to help as a Group Leader in the classroom.  One lunch break Jimmy, Christine and Leah got together to chat about the impact of stress on your health and what plans the Moores have for their upcoming sabbatical.  Listen in as to what actions they will take to have a (well deserved) break!


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