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Real Health Conversations (Formerly Low-Carb Conversations) is hosted by Holly Jean Mullen, FNTP and features a variety of voices in the world of modern nutrition and health science, expressing many different points of view.

Grain-free cook, blogger and New York Times bestselling author Danielle Walker and chef and primal diet author Pauli Halstead join our co-hosts Dietitian Cassie and Jimmy Moore today in Episode 93 of "Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends!"

Thank you so much for helping us make this podcast a weekly excursion into what's right and what's wrong about the current state of nutrition, fitness and health by taking a closer look at the various health headlines that are making news. It can feel lonely out there when you think your low-carb or Paleo lifestyle isn't accepted by anyone in your circle of friends and family, so we try to fill in that gap by providing this show as a solace of comfort, encouragement and reassurance that you are on the right path to being optimally well even when the rest of the world thinks you're nuts for eating this way. It's our hope that "Low-Carb Conversations" plays at least some small role in keeping you on the straight and narrow in your personal health journey as we air brand new episodes every Friday. If you'd like to help us keep this show going, then won't you consider making a financial contribution to help us continue to be that light in the deep, dark world that is health in our modern culture? CLICK HERE to show your support and stand with us as we continue this journey to rehealthing America and the world. THANK YOU FOR YOU SUPPORT!

This is what Jimmy and Cassie talked about at the beginning:

"7 Reasons Low-Carbers Should Avoid The Atkins Chocolate Peanut Candies"

THIS WEEK'S SECRET HEADLINE (our brand new SH segment)

USDA Website Closed During Government Shutdown

Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie have two more fabulous guest friends joining them today in Paleo cook extraordinaire Danielle Walker from the "Against All Grain" blog and the author of the New York Times bestselling book Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great as well as primal chef Pauli Halstead from the "Primal Cuisine" blog who has written a book of her own with the amazing Nora Gedgaudas called Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. Listen in as our prestigious panel shares their thoughts and opinions about a guy who only eats raw meat in his diet, the ongoing battle that the egg industry has to fight about their healthy real food, the rise in low-carb diets that continues in the nation of Sweden, Jonathan Bailor's critical look at the calorie hypothesis and how we got it all wrong, whether there is a link between exercise and the quality of sleep you get in bed at night, the effect that fats have on your heart health, and so much more! Don't just sit there, join in on the conversation--pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let's talk!

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Danielle Walker from the "Against All Grain" blog
Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great
Pauli Halstead from the "Primal Cuisine" blog
Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet
This Guy's Eaten Nothing But Raw Meat for 5 Years
Egg Industry Caught Making False Claims
Sweden Touts Low Carb Diet as Key to Weight Loss
What if Everything You Knew About Weight Loss was Wrong? Part 1
What if Everything You Knew About Weight Loss was Wrong? Part 2
The Surprising science between exercise and a better night's sleep
Saturated Fats do not impair endothelial function and arterial stiffness

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