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Welcome to a New Year and a new episode of Low Carb Conversations!

Leah is joined by her new Guest Co-Host Marty Kendall from Optimizing Nutrition.  Get to know Marty a little more! He will be joining Low Carb Conversations for a few episodes in January.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode!

Our Guests this week on Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson NTP and Guests are Husband and Wife Gary and Belinda Fettke. Gary Fettke is an Australian orthopaedic surgeon, low carb, healthy fat advocate and you might recall he was the Doctor reprimanded by medical watchdog AHPRA (which is the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) for suggesting his patients eat low-carb diets and AHPRA said he was not qualified to give nutritional advice.  His wife, Belinda Fettke, also a low carb healthy fat advocate took over their website No Fructose and social media accounts to keep the low carb healthy fat message alive.  Listen in as Gary and Belinda share their story.

BMI is underestimating obesity in Australia, waist circumference needs to be measured too


 Study: Poor People Eating Properly would Accelerate Global Warming


First up is an article around Body Mass Index (BMI) and whether we are underestimating the prevalence of obesity in the Australian population by using BMI as the measurement and that waistlines of Australian adults are increasing faster than body weight.  Why is BMI not accurate and should be measuring waist circumference or something else?

The second article is around a study that claims if poor people were to eat real food then it would accelerate climate change. Listen to the Fettke's response on this!  In the article Belinda and Gary quote article where Paul Behrens is quoted as saying:

“Of all the foods, beef has the biggest impact on global warming. Raising cows for beef demands 28 times more land, 11 times more water, and five times more greenhouse gases than other animal-based foods like chicken, pork, and dairy. Fertilizer and cow dung also run into rivers and cause toxic algal blooms that kill plants and fish” Behrens says. Plus, “cattle have this digestion process in their stomachs that releases a lot of methane, which is a very powerful greenhouse gas,” he adds. Yes, cow farts contribute to climate change.

And remember our secret health headline!  Will it be a game changer?

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Belinda's talk at Low Carb Down Under:

Crossfit Games Talk mentioned: Dr. Gary Fettke discusses 'The Role of Nutrition in Health, Education, Economics, Politics, Environment and Beliefs' at the CrossFit Health Conference, Madison Wisconsin, 2 August 2017.

No Fructose

Study: Poor People Eating Properly would accelerate Global Warming



This photo shows Gary and Belinda braving the storm!

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