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Episode 393

Welcome to Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson,Holly Jean Barrett and Amber Horn, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

Low-Carb Conversations Ep. 393 with Justin Nault

This week on the Low Carb Conversations Podcast Amber and Holly Jean chat with Justin Nault, the Founder and CEO of Clovis, a health & wellness brand dedicated to building communities of like-minded individuals looking to build a healthy life together. He is also a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, host of The Clovis Culture Podcast, musician and inventor of the popular line of superfood powders, “The Perfect Paleo Powder.”
In this episode we talk with Justin about how the invention of an infant feeding tube formula was the catalyst for his company and passion for educating people about the importance of nutrition within families. We then break down a couple of articles. The first article sounds great at first glance, but then becomes a real teachable moment into the importance of ancestral foods and our own discernment skills! We also talk about how Covid has increased our family meals together and allowed for more opportunities to have great discussions about healthful food choices.

Simplifying Health and Wellness to 3 Core Principles:



Mom & Dads Share Why They Rely on Science When It Comes to Children’s Nourishment & Immunity

Bonding Over the Family Meal Is Important


Justin’s Resources:

5 Day Crash Course

Clovis Culture Membership

More About Justin himself and about Clovis

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