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Low-Carb Conversations features conversations with host Leah Williamson, NTP and a variety of voices in the Low-Carb, Keto, Paleo and Real Food movements, expressing many different points of view.

This week on Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson NTP and Guests, Leah chats with her favorite friends Jimmy Moore and Shawn Mynar!  It is Jimmy's first time back on the podcast since Leah took on hosting and Shawn's second time chatting with Leah on the show.

Sit back and relax while Leah discusses the latest health news headlines with special guests.


In this episode Jimmy, Shawn and Leah discuss how they will be speaking at the Annual Nutritional Therapy Conference in Vancouver Washington 2nd to 4th of March 2018.  Jimmy will be hosting the panel on Low Carb and Compliance whilst asking questions to Leah and Shawn.  The conference is going to be amazing and you can purchase tickets here.


Jimmy, Shawn and Leah review a news article from Good House Keeping on their opinion on the Keto Diet.  Apparently Keto is "bs" and bad for our health or is this article just plain "bs"?  The second article is a recent study by Dr Caryn Zinn and her associates on "Exploring the acceptability of, and adherence to a carbohydrate-restricted diet as self-reported by women aged 40-55 years".  Hear what this article is about and what Jimmy and Shawn think of the results.

Don't forget you can see Jimmy, Shawn and Leah at the Nutritional Therapy Conference March 2-4.




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This week on Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson NTP and Guests we are joined again by our special guest co-host Marty Kendall along with Ivor Cummins a chemical engineer and the man behind The Fat Emperor blog.  Along with Dr Jeffry Gerber, a family physician or better known as Denver’s Diet Doctor and co-organizer of Low Carb Breckenridge.

Sit back and relax while Leah and Marty discuss the latest health news headlines with special guests.


On this week's episode Ivor and Jeff talk about their new book Eat Rich Live Long which has just been released. Make sure you order a copy - it is a great read to dispel any nutritional myths out there!

Leah, Marty, Ivor and Jeff then discuss Trump's latest health scare, what are the world's best diets for 2018 and finally a discussion on a link between early menopause and cardiovascular disease in women.




Here is a little more about the upcoming event - Low Carb Breckenridge.

Low Carb Breckenridge 2018 Conference

Following the success of previous winter conferences Dr Jeff Gerber (Denver’s Diet Doctor) and Dr Rod Tayler (Low Carb Down Under) are organizing another Low Carb conference in Breckenridge, Colorado.

When: Thursday, 1st March at 6:00pm (MST) to Sunday, 4th March at 5:00 PM (MST)

Where: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, 550 Village Rd, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Registration Cost (includes live stream): $280 for full three days, $160 Saturday only (limited availability)

Everyone’s Invited: Including the general public, scientific community and healthcare professionals

Healthcare Professionals: Continuing Medical Education (CME) included with attendance

Movie night Saturday: Special free showing of the new documentary The Magic Pill

Online Live Stream: $50 (live and recorded) for those who can’t make it (available for purchase Jan 2018)

Vendors: Please inquire


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